Milk and Arthritis

— Written By Marilyn Wells and last updated by Cathy Sprinkle

Turns out Mom was always right about our dairy products. Milk has long been associated with bone health, as a source of calcium, phosphorous and, in fortified milk, vitamin D. As adults we should consume 3 cups of dairy per day for a healthy diet. A new study of 2000 participants by researchers at the Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Harvard University, concluded: “Our results suggest that frequent milk consumption may be associated with reduced osteoarthritis progression in women.” These participants with knee osteoarthritis increased drinking fat‐free or low‐fat milk and reduced their symptoms. The benefit of milk was only seen in women, however. The Arthritis Foundation advises: “Calcium rich dairy products are important in a healthy diet. Choose low or no‐fat milk, cheese and yogurt.”