Getting Kitchen Krazy: Bread in a Bag

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4-H Clubs,

Here you will find everything you will need for the program Bread in a Bag.  This is a fun activity for kids to learn some new baking skills! While making the bread together, we will also go over proper measuring techniques and the science behind bread making.

I know we could all benefit from a sense of connection by making bread together during this time. So parents be warned, things might get a little krazy in the kitchen. Kids, still remember that a clean station is a happy station! Always start with a clean surface and end with a clean surface. Take some photos of your finished product, we would love to see them!

Included down below is all the information you will need for this program

Ingredients and Directions: 

Bread in a Bag

Tip for the loaf pans: I made this recipe first with a medium-sized loaf pan since the recipe makes 2 servings and it turned out fine. I did purchase some mini disposable loaf pans from Maxway in Yadkinville.

Tip for the flour: Make sure you are using all-purpose instead of self-rising since we are working with yeast. Self-rising flour already has a leavener in it so if we were to use that on top of the yeast, we would have a monster of a bread!

Tip for finding the yeast: Lowes Food in Yadkinville had a good supply of the Fleischmann’s Active Dry Yeast the other week. Be sure not to get confused with a similar-looking product called Rapid Rise: Instant Yeast. Although it would work, you wouldn’t have the same process as the recipe we are doing. This is what you should look for when searching!

dry yeast packets

Storage of Your Homemade Bread: 

Since homemade bread does not have preservatives, it is important to store your bread properly so that it doesn’t dry out or develop mold before you can enjoy it all! Storing in a bread box is the best way but we may not all have one laying around. You can wrap it in foil or plastic wrap and keep at room temperature on your counter or pantry but this will only keep it good for a few days. Make sure you do not wrap it too tightly so that air can still flow to it. Do not be tempted to place it in refrigerator, this will cause it to dry out more quickly. You can also choose to freeze the bread by wrapping it in plastic wrap or foil and then putting it into an airtight freezer bag. This will store well for up to 6 months.

Finished a store-bought bread? Keep the sleeve and use it for your homemade bread.

Bread Cooling & Storage

Best Way to Keep Bread Fresh Overnight

Other Video Resources: 

Always remember proper handwashing

Types of flours

Measuring flour

Kneading dough

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Updated on Apr 3, 2020
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