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Commercial Horticulture, Nursery & Turf

Cover photo for Do Your Dormant Oil Diligence

Do Your Dormant Oil Diligence

Applying dormant oil to backyard fruit trees and small orchard plantings. Months after annual crops are “in the barn”, cucurbits …

Cover photo for NC FarmLink

NC FarmLink

NC FarmLink was recently featured in Tobacco Farm Quarterly. In the article, found on page 18, journalist, Lara Ivanitch …

Growing Bloodroot

Growing Bloodroot?

We often receive questions on how to grow Bloodroot. Margaret and Alison, with the NC Alternative Crops and Organics …

Cover photo for Yadkin Pesticide Collection Day

Yadkin Pesticide Collection Day

Safely dispose of any unwanted pesticides for FREE through the N.C. Cooperative Extension of Yadkin County and the N.C. …

Cover photo for Fall Is the Time to Lime

Fall Is the Time to Lime

Lime is soil input that most North Carolina gardeners will use at some point. Many see an increase in …

Cover photo for Managing a Miniature Menace

Managing a Miniature Menace

A practical guide to spotted wing drosophila (and blueberry maggot) management in Piedmont blueberries Background With the Piedmont blueberry season ramping …

Cover photo for Slow Start to Warm Season Crops

Slow Start to Warm Season Crops

Are your summer vegetables off to a slow start this year? The following will explain why this has happened, …

Recent Publications related to Commercial Horticulture, Nursery & Turf

Figure 1A. Adult beetle.

The Small Hive Beetle: A Pest of Honey Bee Colonies

This factsheet describes the small hive beetle, its life cycle and how to prevent infestations …

2 days ago

The Honey Bee Dance Language

An overview of honey bee dancing, a behavior that constitutes a language telling other workers …

2 days ago

The Different Types of Honey Bees

Honey bees, like all other living things, vary in traits such as temperament, disease resistance …

2 days ago

Comparison of Russian and Italian Honey Bees

Italian honey bees are susceptible to two deadly parasitic mites, while Russian bees have shown …

2 days ago

2021 Southeastern US Vegetable Crop Handbook

The Southeastern Vegetable Extension Workers Group offers this handbook, a joint effort among Extension Specialists …

7 days ago

2021 North Carolina Agricultural Chemicals Manual

This manual, updated every year, covers pesticide use and safety information, chemical application equipment, fertilizer …

1 week ago

Disease Control

This publication covers disease control in a variety of crops.

1 week ago

Plant Growth Regulators

This publication explains plant growth regulators for a variety of crops.

1 week ago