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Cover of the Bees of NC

The Bees of North Carolina

Congratulations to Dr. Elsa Youngsteadt & Hannah Levenson for this excellent new book, available as a hardcopy for purchase …

Larvae of the larger elm leaf beetle. Photo: Gerald J. Lenhard, Louiana State Univ,

Larger Elm Leaf Beetle

Elms have lots of pests. This week I have had several reports of larger elm leaf beetles, Monocesta coryli, …

Beech blight aphids (Grylloprociphilus imbricator) on a beech twig. Photo:SD Frank

Beech Blight Aphids

You might notice twigs on beech trees covered in a woolly sleeve. Get closer and it will begin to …

Oak lace bug adults, nymphs, and eggs on the underside of an oak leaf. Photo: SD Frank

Oak Lace Bug Damage

Oak lace bugs (Corythucha arcuata), like other lace bugs, cause stippling on leaves. Oak lace bugs, of course, feed …

Recent Publications related to Forest Resources

Figure 1. Snipe and how it affects panel quality.

Quality Control for Edge Glued Panel Manufacturing

Edge glued lumber panels are an important component of many high quality furniture designs. To …

6 hours agoWood Products Notes

Developing an In-Plant Training Seminar on Rough Mill Yields

This wood products note offers suggestions for developing a training seminar on rough mill yields.

6 hours agoWood Products Notes

Drying Softwoods for Value Added Markets

In this wood products note, suggestions on how to select a proper target moisture content, …

6 hours agoWood Products Notes

Notes on Computerized Kiln Controls

This wood products note describes a list of benefits that can be derived by using …

6 hours agoWood Products Notes

Fine Tuning Equalizing and Conditioning

This wood products note describes how to equalize and condition lumber during drying to avoid …

6 hours agoWood Products Notes
Figure 1.

Understanding and Minimizing Veneer Checking on Furniture Panels

This wood product note helps wood manufacturers understand and minimize veneer checking on furniture panels.

6 hours agoWood Products Notes
Figure 2. Channel of distribution of hardwood bark mulch.

Developing a Marketing Plan for Hardwood Bark Landscaping Mulch

A viable alternative for dealing with hardwood bark residue is to market the bark as …

6 hours agoWood Products Notes
Figure 1.

Stresses Develop After Redrying

Properly kiln dried lumber stored, dead packed in an enclosed, unheated shed may pick up …

6 hours agoWood Products Notes